Cloud Firewall

Build a secure bridge between your network and the outside world with a cloud firewall.

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Cloud Firewall is a network-based, security firewall solution that controls and protects your network traffic.

Using predetermined security policies designed to protect your business from the latest cyber security threats, it monitors and manages the traffic that passes between you and the outside world.

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Key Benefits

Remote Network Access
Enable private network access for those remote workers while still maintaining network security.
Secure Connections
Create encrypted IP-SEC tunnels between all your remote sites.
Network Protection
Protect your network with anti-virus and anti-spyware detection on all your Internet traffic.
Application Layer Control
Manage which applications have access to the Internet and how they get there.
URL Filtering
Block sites that are potentially dangerous or inappropriate for your workplace.
Alerting and Reporting
Get notifications of potential threats as well as scheduled summary reports of your security status.

Protect your business — no matter how big or small.

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Why Choose 皇家88国际平台?

皇家88国际平台 partners with the leading cybersecurity companies to provide the best firewall options. We’ve designed Cloud Firewall to provide the most cost-effective and advanced security protection for our customers. Our experts are highly trained and stay updated on the latest threats to modern businesses like yours, so they know how to design and implement the right security solution for you.

Your business is online and in the cloud, and Cloud Firewall is your best line of defense out there.

Key Features

Advanced security package

Advanced Security Package

Fine-tune your cloud protection through individual security options at the application and URL levels.

Security technology

Updated Security Technology

Enjoy the latest security technology that's updated automatically and seamlessly in the cloud.

More Features Available

Multiple Configuration Options

Choose a pre-set security configuration to save time and effort, while still enjoying industry-leading cybersecurity.

Award winning security

Award-winning Security Partners

We've partnered with industry-leading security companies to offer Cloud Firewall to our customers.

Dedicated Internet Access + Cloud Firewall
= Safe, Modern Business

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