Simplify your networking needs with the latest agile and secure cloud-ready network


A Software-Defined Wide-Area-Network (SD-WAN) offers an agile and secure network that's built to run all the cloud apps your business needs — no matter how many locations you have.

皇家88国际平台’s SD-WAN solution simplifies your networking through a secure, private WAN overlayed on readily available, lower-cost Internet connections. 你会节省时间和金钱, while maintaining high performance networking for all your locations – ensuring your critical applications are automatically prioritized.

Connect all your sites while cutting costs.

Get turnkey security to safely connect all your business locations with 皇家88国际平台’s SD-WAN,
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SD-WAN connectivity can be a combination of 皇家88国际平台 delivered Dedicated Internet, 皇家88国际平台 provided broadband Internet, 皇家88国际平台 provided LTE/4G wireless Internet as a backup, or you can provide your own Internet. Choose what’s 适合你r business.




Enjoy lower overall network costs without the added network maintenance resources and effort.
Skip the outages and keep your business running with automatic failovers.
Scale your network as you need by adding new locations quickly and seamlessly from anywhere, 没有停机时间.
Ensure critical business applications, such as voice, are always available using QoS.
Enjoy private, secure, end-to-end connections between all SD-WAN sites on your network.
Extend your WAN network to your remote offices with secure and simple plug-and-play device activation.

Wondering how SD-WAN stacks up? Read the performance evaluation.


Flexible, accessible connectivity options.

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Customers trust 皇家88国际平台 to provide them with reliable and secure networking solutions that enable them to run all the cloud apps their business needs. Our experts are highly trained and participate in regular certification programs to stay updated on the latest networking and communication technology. We’ll make sure to connect and secure your networks with the right balance of performance, quality and reliability for your business.


Many technology experts tout SD-WAN as a solution for companies struggling to adapt to a dispersed workforce, maximize network performance and address increasing security challenges. But will SD-WAN benefit your business? Evaluate this solution based on 10 key aspects of organization, performance and security.

Improve Business Operations and Position Your Company for Growth with SD-WAN

As companies grow increasingly dependent on cloud apps, dispersed teams and unified communications, ensuring connectivity isn’t just important – it’s mission-critical. But traditional WANs aren’t always up to the challenge, and using public Internet isn’t always reliable or secure. Here are 6 ways SD-WAN can help.




Take advantage of widely available, less expensive Broadband Internet connections to reach all your business locations.

Bi-Directional Quality of Service (QoS)

Bi-Directional Quality of Service (QoS)

Ensure performance by prioritizing critical applications and delivering high-quality voice over the Internet.



Eliminate the hassle of network outages with immediate failover that instantly reacts to changes by moving traffic to the best connection and keeping your services available.



Manage the network yourself through a cloud-based management portal.

Let's optimize my network and maximize
my cloud apps through SD-WAN.